Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What's My Story...Ron Clark

Ron Clark has been attending Orange Friends Church for just over 5 years, and writes:

I am thankful to find such a wonderful church and church family. I have been very blessed by so many wonderful people and have been able to build numerous strong relationships. There are so many in this church that have positively influenced me and have helped to build my faith and my overall relationship with Christ.

Serving on various committees, being able to play volleyball, and being active in various small groups has blessed me tremendously. It has been a special blessing to be able to build relationships with those from our church who come down to C.R.A.C.K. House Ministries to serve the people of the Linden neighborhoods here in Columbus.

In recent months I have especially felt the love of this church. I recently heard a pastor say "if you're going through something right now, that is just God beefing up your testimony". I very much appreciate all of you who have walked alongside of me while God has been "beefing up my testimony". I am blessed that God has sent me to this church and poured out so many blessings, through you, into my life.

Ron Clark

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