Thursday, September 26, 2013

Personal Examination

I hate having to go to my family doctor! I know, I know, I’m weird. Seriously though, how does this process benefit me? The doctor comes into the examination room, asks for my symptoms, and then prescribes some medication that will hopefully solve my problem. Oh, and don’t forget the, “if you don’t feel better in 10 days, come back and see me” comment. “Yeah, I’ll be sure to do that, thanks.  And, oh yeah, here’s your $75.” 

God is different though, right? We sit, we listen, we reflect, and we grow. These times can come in various forms...through reading the Word, through accountability, or through tools such as our Spiritual Life Inventory. This week, we all have the opportunity for growth through personal examination. How? By using our Spiritual Life Inventory tool provided at the link below. Why take this short survey? As I mentioned, it should be treated as a time of self-reflection. We can take a good look at who we are and who God might intend for us to be. The philosopher, Socrates stated, “Know thyself”. It could be suggested that this inventory allows for us to know ourselves through thoughtful communication with God. So please take a few minutes to complete this anonymous survey. I trust that it will benefit you much more than a visit to your family doctor does. You may either fill out a paper version (available at the church), or the online version. All surveys are due by the end of the day on Sunday, September 29th. Thank you and may God bless you.

Chuck Pickering,
Elder of Spiritual Life 

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