Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What Do You Want For Christmas?

Every year we are asked the same question, right? “What do you want for Christmas?” Well, when you are young, that is easy! I knew the question was coming so I had the JCPenney catalog (or any toy ads I could get my hands on) all marked up with the best options. Circling toys in the catalog was almost as fun as getting the marked item! As we get older, and perhaps wiser, we don’t mark up the ads. We may have one or two things that we mention to our loved ones, but most of us are pretty content with whatever we open up on Christmas morning. Don’t get me wrong. I love getting gifts. :) I just have found that my favorite things about Christmas are the people. I enjoy being with friends and family. I love seeing my kids and nieces and nephew open gifts and experience true excitement and awe. I love gathering with my church family for worship and singing Silent Night while lighting candles. Shared experiences are what mean so much. This is what symbolizes and celebrates the greatest gift of all. This Christmas Eve let us gather, once again, to celebrate the coming of God in flesh...together. This will be a cherished gift to one another this holiday season. That is my answer to the question.

Have a blessed and merry Christmas!

Pastor David