Wednesday, April 20, 2016


(An Article by OFC ReFocus Prayer Director, Roger Sorensen)

Christians do believe it. The entire and elaborate work of God’s salvation from “before the foundation of the world” (Ephesians 1:4) is gathered up and made complete in his birth, life, death and resurrection from the dead -- a miracle of staggering proportions. This is the God sent “Son of God!” His name is Jesus.

Scripture tells us that He is the “Christ”, a title that tells us He is God’s anointed One whose rule will bring the whole universe to salvation and oneness with God the Father.

He is God among us with a purpose. Yes! It is a fact that He is God among us today, speaking to us in the same language we learned from our mother’s knee.

You might think that believing Jesus is God among us would be the hardest thing. It is not. It turns out that the hardest thing is to believe that God’s dazzling work, the cascade of blessings, are all being worked out within our human lives!

Pastor…You mean in me?…In my life? Yes. Yes, the “I AM” is with you now.

Yes, the Father makes sure that Jesus’ work is going on at picnics, around dinner tables, in conversations, while walking along the roads, when we ask difficult questions, and in the lives of the blind, beggars, lepers, at weddings and funerals.

Every part of Jesus’ identity is meant for us on earth, in your life and in spite of all your weaknesses. No fireworks. No special effects. Yes there are miracles, plenty of them. But His miracles are so much a part of our common life --- because every “I AM” Jesus has spoken, “Resurrection,” “the Way,” “Bread,” etc., is always available to us in real-time, wherever we are. All that Jesus is, is present now for us.