Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Being a Contagious FAN!

My brother has become quite the Columbus Crew Fan in recent years. I have NEVER been or NEVER planned to be a Soccer Fan. When our family moved to this area my brother began to "explain" to me the value of the Crew, the excitement with the Crew and the other details of the Crew that were critical for my survival in the Columbus area. At first I brushed it off pretty easily because we are talking Soccer not Football (which I felt was not even close to comparing) . But suddenly I found myself checking out the Sports page for Columbus Crew results... which led to checking out the team stats ... which led to my eventually attendance to a game with my brother. Before I knew it my brothers contagious spirit with the Columbus Crew was wearing off on me. Although I do not believe I will replace football (the american version) for the other kind of football (commonly known to us yankees as Soccer) I have grown in my appreciation for a team known as the Columbus Crew.I have become a true Fan.
As I think about it... my brothers influence on me is the same contagious spirit that we need to have with our relationship with Jesus Christ. Contagious Christianity? Yes. Sharing with our friends, relatives and neighbors in such a way that they become more curious and soon find themselves looking a little bit and then a little bit more ... and before you know it they have decided to follow after the Savior of the world as we have.
This is not about filling the seats in a stadium like the Crew but it is about filling the kingdom of God and helping the people around us escape the consequence of sin ... namely, Hell .... forever! Choose to be contagious for Jesus Christ today and you could create a friend for eternity!

In His Grip,
Pastor David

Monday, February 16, 2009

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