Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What's My Story...Scott Biddle

Dear Friends,

As my family and I enter into our new journey with Christ here in Iowa, I am reflecting on my time at Orange Friends Church. Starting fresh in a new place is hard. It is especially hard in one area for us, missing our close friends and family. We are trying to get connected in a way that we can share our joys, hurts, and funny moments that no one else would really understand, except those few people that know you well.

I miss a lot of things about Orange, but the biggest part is the small groups that I participated in. I had the opportunity to develop some very close relationships in a "youngish" married group, worship team, and the youth group; not to mention the Orange Friends Church Bacon Team! It was in these small groups that I had the chance to dive into a connection with both Christ and people. There is something to be said to have someone to walk along side of you  when things are going great, but even more importantly when you are not sure where else to turn. 

I would encourage you to make time to join a small group. It is a life changer. God has designed the church to be a body of believers, and it is not any more apparent than in these small groups.

There are a few ways to get involved:
  1. Call the church office or look in the information display rack by the Welcome Center for info on current small groups.
  2. Start your own small group, which is what I did.  When I did not see a group that met the needs of me and my family, we began to look for others with similar interests and family style.
  3. Be a host home for a group. As a leader of a group, having someone else take this responsibility is awesome. We don't all have the gift of hospitality. 
Small groups are not just important for adults, but my kids met some great friends, and still hunger for that closeness. 

Thank you Orange Friends for being the Body of Christ to the Biddle family. And I would urge you to let them be the body to you and your family.

Scott Biddle 

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  1. Scott, greetings from Portland. Glad to hear you made it to Iowa. Bless you in your new position. Thanks for your words about small/life groups. Karen and I have made some lifelong friendships over the years because we got in life groups. I too encourage anyone not involved in one to be a part of one.

    Scott & Karen Lowe