Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pony Express Rides Again

“The Pony Express Rides Again” soon will be the enthusiastic cry heard at Orange Friend Church. Traditionally we have not held stewardship campaigns but decided this year to do one as an offshoot of our new Vision Fund. As you are aware, the goal of the Vision Fund is to raise $75,000 to fund repairs to the parking lot, carpeting, furnaces, and improvements in the Children’s area.

The Pony Express “RUN” is styled after the famous mail delivery system of more than a century ago. It relies heavily on the team work of you, our congregation, to deliver the mail to fellow congregation members. Our hope is to also promote fellowship. Another goal is to aid our Finance Committee in setting our budget for our 2014 General Fund, projects under the Vision Fund, and to forward our Faith Promise missions commitment to Yearly Meeting.

Kay Cermak, Chairman of the Stewardship Committee, will serve as General Manager of the campaign, providing guidance to the Trail Bosses and other key workers. Each Trail Boss will oversee a neighborhood Pony Express Route composed of seven or eight families. Your family will be asked to do your part, by using the Saddlebag and then relaying it quickly to the next family on the Route List.

Your Saddlebag will contain information about our 2014 financial goals, the Route List of all the families on your route, the name of your Trail Boss, and your 2014 Pledge Card. After prayerful consideration, please fill in your Pledge Card, keep the tear-off reminder, seal the 2014 Pledge Card in an enclosed Envelope, and insert the Envelope in the Saddlebag. Finally, please call another family on your route and arrange to deliver the Bag to the next waiting family.  Your Trail Boss will keep tabs on the Saddlebag so that it continues to move quickly.

You will be able to make your decision about giving to Orange Friends Church in the privacy of your home without another member of the church present to solicit your response. You will also be able to meet others from Orange Friends as you gallop around the neighborhood.

The Pony Express will be introduced at our church service on September 29.  The program will conclude in our church service on October 27, when we announce the results of our pledge campaign.

Please begin praying for God’s guidance as you prepare to renew your stewardship commitment for the year ahead.

Thank you and blessings,

Your Stewardship Team
Kay Cermak, Ron Clark, Cody DeWeerd, Don Sampson

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