Friday, March 8, 2013

Wrestling with Jesus

For several years Orange Friends Church has had an wonderful ministry partnership with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. We have seen God move in some awesome ways to impact young athletes and coaches.  Some of those ways include: FCA camp at Orange Friends each summer which attracts almost 100 kids (this year June 24-27), an FCA "Huddle" group at Orange Middle School, the Orange High School "Huddle" group, I (and others from Orange Friends) have also spoken at other Olentangy School FCA groups, and I lead a Bible Study for Coaches every Thursday morning at 6:00am at Orange High School.  Each of these are producing changed lives in the name of Jesus Christ! In light of this, I wanted to share with you a message from Daryl Bell who is the Director of Coaches Ministries for Central Ohio FCA.


Dear Support Team,

Well, Our Awesome Lord Jesus has done it again!!

This past Saturday (March 2nd) we held an FCA breakfast at the State Wrestling Championships.

The breakfast was at the OSU Fawcett Center across from the Schottenstein Center.

Around 100 coaches and athletes came to this first ever event for our area.

Our speaker was Nate Carr, a former National wrestling champion turned lover of Jesus.

He delivered a gospel centered message and gave an invitation to receive Jesus as Lord/Savior.

Fifteen men and boys raised their hands to receive Christ; after his prayer Nate asked them to

stand if they raised their hand; the same 15 stood up for Christ.  I was then handed the mike to

close the breakfast; I then challenged the 15 to meet me and Nate after the breakfast to say

aloud that they were committing their lives to Christ.  I had 2 coaches and 3 athletes in my group

and we asked each of them to state; "I am here today to receive Jesus as my Lord & Savior."

All of them gladly shared, one coach was weeping as he spoke.

Praise our Wonderful Lord Jesus; He blessed the sharing of His gospel once again.


One coach who raised his hand and stood had to leave right away, but he sent me a text message later:  "I have been a Christian for four years but this was the first time I took a public stand for Christ. ..."


One of the athletes in my group was a wrestler for OSU; he raised his hand and stood and so did his coach, OSU Head Coach, Tom Ryan.  The OSU wrestler is a sophomore from New Jersey; the AIA (Athletes In Action) guys at OSU have agreed to follow-up with him and Coach Ryan.


I have met with the three football coaches from our area who came forward at our FCA football breakfast.  All of them are excited about their new life in Christ and are anxious to grow; two of them were weeping tears of joy as we shared.  I have seldom witnessed such powerful moving of the Holy Spirit as He honors the preaching of the gospel and gives the amazing gift of eternal life in Christ.  Thank you for helping to change the lives of these influential coaches through your gifts and prayers.  May many more come to Christ in this "2013-the year of the Gospel".


Keep praying "Dear Ones" as we disciple those being saved.

We love you all,




We are proud to be hand in hand with FCA in sharing Jesus with others. We are committed to communicating Christ through whatever means, even sports, so that all may hear this life transforming message. If you are interested in more information on our ministry with athletes and coaches please do not hesitate to give me a shout out!


Until all the world knows Jesus,


Pastor David

Friday, March 1, 2013

Kingdom and the Cross: God is...



How would you describe your spouse or closest friend? Do you say they are tall, short, skinny, or plump? Maybe you use words like mellow, firm, happy, or serious-minded? Even more, maybe you would only describe them with terms that have to do with what they do for YOU. If this is the case, you would use descriptors like, kind, mean, provider, annoying, etc.. How we describe someone or compliment them says a lot about how we view them and how we see ourselves in relation to that person. In addition, how we see someone impacts our actions towards them.

It is very similar with our relationship with God. God can be described for what He is, who He is, and/or what He does for us. Often times, we camp right in the, “What have You done for me lately?” place with God. As a result our praise, worship, and prayer times reflect this dominate view. We tell God of the qualities that we benefit from exclusively. This sounds like, “God, You are kind, grace-filled, provider, protector, etc.”. Yet, when we only focus on what we get from God in His character, we miss many of the attributes of God that are vital: His timelessness (eternal nature), ever-presence, and that He is all-powerful. Recognizing, knowing, and reflecting on all of the attributes of God will shape our behavior; not through the lens of the “me-first” view, rather through “God-first” view. Everything hinges on how you and I finish this statement. God is….

So…. How about it? Spend several moments writing down and reflecting upon the completion of this statement.

God is…

Are your descriptors dealing with His eternal qualities and His goodness?

Make this exercise a daily practice of worship.

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor David