Friday, September 11, 2009

The True Crime of an ACORN worker

This last week a couple journalist released tapes from an undercover investigation of ACORN, a national organization aimed at helping low income citizens. (details at )This undercover investigation revealed that workers from ACORN were helping the undercover journalist open a brothel!
This is wrong at so many levels but the part that is sad to the core of all that is moral, godly and righteous is that the ACORN workers did not blink when asked about covering up the use of 13-15 year old girls who would be brought into the country illegally from El Salvador for prostitution. The exploitation of girls and boys for human trafficking is very real and very disturbing.
Jesus calls us to pursue, help and love the least of these. Christianity has cared for the sick and imprisoned and helpless for 2000 years as a result of His charge to love the unloved and to defend the defenseless.
The individual and/or the organization that turns the head away or gives a wink toward human trafficking/sex slavery are evil and wicked.
How is the worker at ACORN any different than Jaycee Dugards kidnapper, captor and rapist for 18 years?

"Doing wrong is like a joke to a fool,..." Proverbs 10:23a

Please become familiar with organizations that are working tirelessly to eradicate human trafficking throughout the world.

*Special thanks to my friends from Thalon ( ) and their work with . They are doing something about it.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Should Obama address school children? Wrong Question for Christian Parents!

Maybe parents should allow children to hear the Presidents address and then sit down and help them process it afterward (like parents should be doing with anything that is more important than "hey billy, do you want fruit loops or coco puffs this morning?")
Maybe Parents should be less concerned about a President (that they don't like) addressing their child and be more concerned about what the school (that they do like) is teaching their child everyday that may not be in line with what they value (sex ed, sex orientation, evolution, etc.,)

Parents, use your power of influence... disciple your kids.

Some Parents Choose Not to Allow Their Kids to Hear Obama's National Address - Political News -

Some Parents Choose Not to Allow Their Kids to Hear Obama's National Address - Political News -

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