Friday, July 5, 2013

What's My Story...Doyle Hartman

Doyle Hartman has overseen the Open Gym Volleyball during the past several months at OFC. Most of the participants are people who do not attend Orange Friends or any church at all. Doyle had a devotional each week that many different players participated in leading. “At first, I think that time was a little awkward for some, but toward the end of the season, the devotionals seemed to be well received. They were a good way to pull us together and challenge us on a deeper level, and the good news about Christ was often explicitly shared. Even the Buddhists and the Bahai who came to volleyball seemed to appreciate the devotions.”

Here are some “notes of thanks” from those participants to our church as a testimony of what this group has meant to them.

"Thanks for allowing my Asian people to join in the volleyball fun."

"Thanks for the chance for everyone to play together."

"Thanks for having us. I feel so fortunate to meet so many wonderful people."
(Note: This individual was not attending any church when he first started coming to volleyball and seemed somewhat lonely. Another player invited him to his church closer to where he lives and he started attending with him and enjoys it.)

"Thank you for letting me join in on the fun. I loved it."

"If it was not for volleyball, I would have never met my girlfriend."
(Note: This individual was also not attending any church when he first started playing volleyball with us. Now he is attending the church of another volleyball player closer to where he lives with his girlfriend and mother.)

"Thanks, it's been fun."

"Thanks for blessing so many of us through volleyball."

"Thanks for everything."

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