Thursday, October 17, 2013

Generosity Superstars!

I love the post-game interviews after a victory when the sideline reporter goes to the “Star” of the game and asks a question like, “You broke a record tonight (or you are the MVP of the game), how do you feel about being so awesome?!” Well, they may not put it that way, but you get the picture. Then the player replies humbly, “I don’t care about all of that. I am just so glad we got the win. I am also proud of our team. We worked together to win this game.” This kind of response reminds me of how critical a team mindset is in the body of Christ. We can do more together than we can separate. As a church family, we are in the midst of an exercise in discipleship. Yes, a practice in followership of Jesus. The Pony Express Stewardship Campaign is so much more than a “fundraiser”. It is an act of corporate discipleship! We, the local church family of Orange Friends Church, are unifying around public proclamation and commitment to faithful generosity to the glory of God and the building up of His Church!

So, some may be able to go to certain “stars” and ask, “How does it feel to give so much? You sure are special! You are a super-giver!” To which the response will be, “I don’t care about all of that! I am just excited that our victory is in Christ Jesus! We worked together as a team to glorify God in generous giving!” Every one of us on the Orange Friends Church Team has a role to play in this victorious march for Jesus Christ!

As the saddle bags pass through your household, intently seek the Lord on what He would have you to give. God will use your generosity, and the generosity of our team to accomplish much more than we can ask or imagine in our community and world!

If you have further questions about being a generous disciple of Christ in every aspect of your life or if you have specific questions about the Pony Express campaign, please feel free to contact me directly or someone from the Stewardship Team.

As a side note - please, help our Pony Express keep moving. If the saddle bags are “hung up” at your homestead, move them along so our Stewardship Team can announce to the church family the final results soon!

Your partner in generosity,
Pastor David

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