Thursday, June 6, 2013

So, What is the Vision Fund

Did you know that Orange Friends Church is debt-free?   This is a wonderful blessing.  But, we still have electricity, heat, water, salaries, insurance, and ministry expenses.  And we must maintain our building and grounds – all as good stewards of what we are using  for God to carry out Orange Friends’ Vision:  “that all would know love, wholeness, and hope through Jesus Christ. “

Our trustees identify areas in our building and grounds that need attention and get estimates for the related work, and then get the work done.  Current needs are major repair to our parking lot, carpet replacement, furnace replacement and repairs, and decorating/improvements in the Children’s area.   Estimates for this work totals about $75,000.  The trustees have done a great job of using our financial resources wisely.   But, our financial reserve is getting low, and we have not been replenishing it.  

So, the Stewardship Team has created and introduced the Vision Fund that will exist to fund our church facilities needs, so that Orange Friends can carry out our Vision.   We are asking you to consider giving above your regular tithe so that we can fund these current needs.  We’ve already heard from people who are finding ways to sacrifice in order to have something to give … did you hear about the two couples who will not be heating OR cooling their homes in June?   Look for an update of what has been given in the next few weeks.

Any of us on the Stewardship Team welcome your questions.
Kay Cermak, Ron Clark, Cody DeWeerd, Don Sampson

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