Friday, October 12, 2012

Missions Month

"Missions Month"

     October is Missions month.  So many great things are happening in fellowships of believers all around the world.  I'm excited about this year's Taste of Missions event because the topic effects us right here in Ohio: Human Trafficking.

     27 Million people are enslaved in the world today due to other people's greed.  Trafficking is a daily occurrence for these victims.  Here in Ohio the number of victims is 2,000. 

     When looking at the problem of traffickers selling other people for personal gain, it seems overwhelming and impossible to fight.  It's the second largest crime in the world and quickly growing.  

     The focus of this year's Taste of Missions is about the hope of God reaching down, hearing victims' cries, and responding to their desperate situation.  There are many things you and I can do to help others right here in our own backyard.   There is much to learn about this world problem, and Orange Friends Church is making it easy to be educated, empowered, and inspired by hosting an informational presentation during the Taste of Missions night this Sunday at 5:30pm.

     Come interact with those who are making a difference in victims' lives, every day.  Hear from speakers who are facing this startling reality and succeeding in overcoming it on a daily basis.  Visit the exhibit tables and meet real survivors who are thriving with the help of people like you and me!  Come to Taste of Missions, and find out how God is making a way for us to bring about change in hearts and lives. 

~Dee Dee Ball

Editor's Note:  Please go to the website below to sign up to bring a dish to the poluck-style evening of local and global cuisine!

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