Friday, October 26, 2012


     Do you know the feeling that you've forgotten something...?  Your keys, your phone, your jacket, your children...ha.  I've been missing my daughter this week because she's been in D.C. with the 8th graders from her school.  Each day the students were off to an early start and their itineraries were jam-packed full of tours and museums and historical monuments.  Just reading it made me tired.  Like I mentioned, I've been missing her something awful.  Even her brother will be happy to see her when she returns this evening, not to mention her little kitty who's been acting like she lost her best friend.
     Whom are you missing?  A friend far away?  A member of your family that you haven't connected with in a long time?  A loved one who has recently passed?
     Each of us as God-lovers will carry around with us a piece of "something's missing" until we get to Heaven, where we'll finally be whole and complete, in our Lord and Savior's presence forever.  Until then, we should look nowhere else than to Him to help us feel loved, connected, and fulfilled...because no one else and nothing else has the power to do that.
     This Sunday's message will continue in the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality series, with a close look at the Sabbath.  How can observing the Sabbath draw us closer to the Lord, and help fill the gaps in our lives?  How can one day of the week help us be centered, relaxed, undistracted, rested, contented during the other six?  
     One thing have I desired of the Lord...that one thing will I seek after:  to behold the beauty, the beauty of the Lord...   Come to the Rock, let Him hide you and surround you with love and mercy, as you meditate upon Him.  Psalm 27 paints a beautiful picture of waiting for the Lord and enjoying His presence.  You can read it by clicking here.
     As we fill our dinner plates tonight at a special homecoming celebration, I'll remember the blessing of family and the fullness of heart that comes from resting in, and delighting in God's presence.  Truly, there's nothing else like it.


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