Friday, October 19, 2012


     Have you ever responded in a way that you later regretted?  Of course. We all have.  Perhaps an outburst of unrighteous anger, spreading a morsel of gossip, or silently taking offense at something that wasn't intended to bother us.  When these harmful behaviors become a pattern in our life, how do we break the pattern, and become more like our Savior?

     The current sermon series, "Emotionally Healthy Spirituality", aims to help each of us realize that we cannot live out the fullness of Christ in us until we deal with our areas of emotional immaturity.  

     Growing out of a dysfunctional pattern requires us to humble ourselves before the Lord, commit to change, and persevere until we are abundantly above and beyond what we could have asked or imagined for God to do in us.

     Steps we can all take to reach emotional maturity: 

1.  Ask the Lord to reveal to you a subconscious behavior or a piece of your character that needs renovation. 

2.  Listen. Wait. Once He shows it to you, invite Him to heal you

3.  Confess, forgive, seek to understand where that particular area of “immaturity” came from.

4.  Break the lies that are suffocating your ability to be set free, and substitute them with the Truth - the powerful, life-transforming Word of God.  

     We can indeed become emotionally healthy Christians, but it takes conscious efforts - and humility. We might never be able to master our emotions, but with the Lord’s help, we can master the beliefs that drive our emotions, and become mature, 100-fold fruit-bearing ambassadors of Christ.

     If you would like to go deeper into the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality series, join us on Sunday mornings at 9:30 in Courtyard Room #3.  Anyone is welcome.
-Shara Martin

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