Friday, May 31, 2013

This week, Donna Bolon tells her story....

As I am writing this article...I am thinking back to where I was before I became a Christian; baptized; and welcomed Jesus as my Personal Savior.  Amazingly, I realize he was always there, just waiting for my special invitation, unlike no other person here in this troubled world.  He accepted me for who I was.  I gave all of who I was to Him in exchange for nothing less than Jesus creating a new creature in me.

I grew up in a non-Christian environment and seldom attended a church; never experienced the wonderment Jesus had to offer.  He promises to guide me without hesitation, never leaving me, no matter what this world has placed in our lives.

While attending Orange Friends Church nearly 4 years now,  people at Orange Friends have opened my eyes to see the true light of Jesus, encouraged me, and invested in my Christian growth.  I think of how I’ve seen the power of God work in my life through attending an amazing small group that encouraged, led, taught lessons from His word, and stood by me in situations that were troubling and life changing.  

I’m glad to be part of the Welcome Team; share Bible stories with a group of amazing 4 & 5 year-old children; and be involved in the hospitality connection within our Church family.  This is my part in reaching others who want to get to know of Jesus’ never-failing love, and to help us be a beacon of light to those in darkness.

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