Friday, May 24, 2013

Teaming Up For Transformation In Christ!

"Helping people know the Love, Wholeness and Hope of Jesus through Service, Friendship and Truth." That's our vision at Orange Friends Church.   And, that is happening here!

One story comes from Donna Bolon. She has attended OFC nearly 4 years with her family. She tells us that she grew up in a non-Christian environment and seldom attended church; and in her words "...never experienced the wonderment He [Jesus] had to offer....OFC has opened my eyes to see the true light of Jesus, encouraged me, invested in my Christian growth. "

Praise God! That's our vision! We want to continue connecting with others like Donna, who are exploring who Jesus is. Our church is "us"; but our building is where we gather to worship God, and connect with one another. And, just like you want your home to be a welcoming and safe place for your guests, we want our building and grounds to be a welcoming and comfortable place for our guests, for those connecting with others, and those who are seeking Jesus.

Our trustees have identified areas in and around our building that need to be updated. Our Children's Ministry also plans to make improvements in the Children's area. The total estimated cost of everything is about $75,000. (Parking lot repair and upgrade; carpeting in the Family Life Center, foyer, Courtyard Room, and hallways; furnaces; nursery/toddler/children area interior windows; children's worship area upgrades; and outdoor recreation area upgrades.

Our church is debt-free (THANKS TO YOU!), and we are committed to remain debt free. Please consider giving special gifts, above your regular giving, to our "Vision Fund". This fund has been created to finance these improvements and maintenance items. Thanks to some generous individuals, we already have received gifts to fund the children's area painting and decorating. Would you be able to help grow our Vision Fund with a special donation?

"We" are your Stewardship Team. We have experienced love, wholeness, and hope through Jesus Christ at Orange Friends Church! We are excited to be involved with Christian Stewardship, and begin building our Vision Fund so that many others will see this transformation in Christ Jesus. You will be hearing more from us. Please feel free to contact any of us with questions or a story you would like to share!

Stewardship Team (Kay Cermak, Cody DeWeerd, Don Sampson, Ron Clark)

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