Wednesday, August 1, 2012


     One of my favorite worship songs that we sing here at Orange Friends is one of the simplest:  "Give me Jesus".

    This song was written by Fernando Ortega and made popular most recently by Jeremy Camp.  It was originally a traditional African-American spiritual. This song has definetly stood the test of time!  Its words are so clear…a declaration that we want more of Jesus...that no matter what time or place or life situation, we want Jesus.  There are so many things in this world that we could foolishly use to replace time with him, or a relationship with Him.

"In the morning when I rise……give me Jesus
When I am alone…. give me Jesus
When I come to die…… give me Jesus"

     The verse of this song that hits home for me is “When I am alone” (mainly because I don’t do mornings  J).  I find myself very busy during the day filling my time with work, lessons, meetings, etc.  Sometimes I find it difficult to set apart time to just be alone with Jesus, and when I do find myself alone, I admit, I find my mind trying to fill up that space with my next to-do list.  But, as the verses listed below all say, He has never forsaken you.  That in the morning, or when you are alone, or anytime, HE is with you and wants to spend time with you! 

     So here is my challenge for you, and me!  Give Him your time.  Listen to His words.  Take time to talk to Him and worship Him. Not just the time you have left over…  remember that He is a BIG God, but that He also cares for you.


Psalm 9:10                  Psalm 94:14                Psalm 29:10                    Matthew 28:20
Isaiah 62:4                  2 Corinthians 4:9         1 Peter 5:7                      1 Samuel 12:22
Psalm 37:25                Deuteronomy 4:31      Isaiah 41:17                     Psalm 91:14-15
Isaiah 49:15-16           Psalm 43:5                 Deuteronomy 31:6

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