Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer of Redemption

     Isn't it funny how most people seem to revolve their conversations around the weather?  It's hot. It's dry. Not enough rain. Too much rain. Boy, was that a big storm.  It's especially true when faced with unique weather like what we've been having lately. Unbelievably hot days and intense storms.  It kinda feels like the summer is being dominated by a focus on the weather!  But I say, "Let's redeem the summer!"

     What I mean is this - let's choose to use the changes in schedules, vacations, and warm weather for opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus Christ!  The Bible says to not become weary in well doing (2 Thessalonians 3:13) and that we are commissioned to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20).  The summer is not over... redeem it by sharing the life-changing message of Jesus Christ in ways that people around us can understand clearly.

     Orange Friends is providing opportunities for you to reach out over the next several weeks.  Redeem the summer by getting connected with these events!

FCA camp has been an effective tool for sharing Jesus with young people at OFC for the last several years. There are many ways to contribute, and your involvement will play a role in a child crossing over from death to life through Jesus!

All Family Sunday is July 29th at OFC.  This is a Sunday morning worship experience where the entire church family from the youngest to the oldest worship the risen Savior together!  I love that our older believers can model worship, that our younger attendees can be part of something larger, and that families can be together and not have to go to separate parts of the building for worship and discipleship for a few times a year.

Golf Outings can be an awesome way of building relationships and then communicating Christ through that relationship.  On August 4th OFC is having a golf outing at Mill Creek Golf Club.  This could be the perfect event to connect someone who has no church home to a group that loves them and wants them to know the Jesus they have come to know!

Project 86 will be in concert at OFC on Friday, August 10th.  If you enjoy this band and others like them, make plans to attend and bring someone who has not yet crossed over that line of faith to be a follower of Jesus Christ! If you are not into Project 86, then volunteer and pray!  There are plenty of roles for those wanting to be used by God in communicating Jesus Christ to young people through music. 

     Just think... one day in Heaven, someone may walk up to you and say, "Thank you. It was because you gave of your time or money (to FCA camp, All-family Sunday, the golf outing, or the Project 86 concert) that I'm here today.  I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at that event!

The Summer of 2012!  The Summer of Redemption!

-Pastor David

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