Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Story to Tell

One of my favorite memories as a child was when my brothers and I were tucked in to bed each night and our father would read us a story. If there was a night he had forgotten we would quickly remind him and beg for another story to be read. We loved it so much we would ask for the same book to be read again and again until he finally would pronounce the end and the lights would go out. Even after the lights went out there was an ongoing story from that book that would continue to play in our young minds. Imagination would win over the moment and the story would take on new life.

We are all drawn to a good story. Our whole lives are spent in relating to one another as we string one story with another. Think about the last few times you had the opportunity just to visit with a friend. Was the conversation filled with story? What about around the water cooler at work or in between classes at school… are we filled with one story telling experience after another? We were created for the narrative of life!

The Bible is almost completely narrative. It is not only a grand story of God’s interacting with His creation but this greater narrative is made up of many personal, individual, and interesting stories of life. Each one represents real people in a real time with real hurts and pains and real blessings and victories. Each one speaks of God’s story in history.

You have a story. This story is not just a short boring tweet of how you ordered a latte at Starbucks or that you just ran 2 miles tracked by your Nike iPod sensor. It goes deeper than, “You’ll never guess what happened to me the other day!” Your story is the story of how God is seeking and experiencing you and how you are seeking and experiencing Him! Every day and in every way. Your narrative is God’s narrative. God’s narrative is your narrative.

With this being said… recognize, tell and celebrate the “God story” you possess. Recognize how He is present in all things. Tell others of His movement in your life. Celebrate before God that He is present. You have a story to tell that others need to hear. You have a God who loves you passionately that deserves the glory that telling your story brings Him.

What is your story? Who do you need to share your “God Story” with today?

-Pastor David

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