Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring has....... uh, not quite

I was just enjoying the sunshine and mild "Spring is coming soon" kind of weather when all of the sudden I woke up this morning and see snow covering the ground! Don't get me wrong. I love Winter. I love snow. But I get to the point toward the end of each season where I get a little excited for the next one to come. For me, Ohio weather is perfect because each season is so distinguishable from the one before and the one following.

What other areas in my life do I "anticipate" something the way I do the seasons changing? Even bigger I suppose is the anticipation of new phases of my kids growing up... you know, first steps and first words turn into a drivers license, first dates, and graduation. I anticipated each date with my wife when we were first together and now I anticipate growing old side by side as we learn everyday what it means to be married to your best friend.

I would have to say that following Jesus is full of anticipation. I anticipate learning new things about Him, getting together with others to worship God, and what exactly life will be like after this present life is through. Following Jesus is not always a "bed of roses". Let's be honest that when we mess up we may have hard time "anticipating" God's reaction. Or when life has given us a raw deal and disappointment it is not exactly peaches and creme.

But if I were really honest, I would say that even with life's disappointments (self-inflicted and outside of my control) I anticipate the love and hope that Jesus has to offer in the midst of the valleys and the storms. It is this very attitude that helps keep me centered whether it is a "dark Winter" or a "fresh Spring" kind of day in my soul.

What about you? Do you anticipate spending time with God privately and publicly? What are the roadblocks to anticipation?

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