Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Facebook Parenting

It can be very interesting to throw out a random question to people to hear their responses. Some answers make us laugh, some make us think, and some answers may raise our blood pressure a bit!

I asked my Facebook friends a pointed question last week and here are some of the responses:

What has been the most effective parenting tool you have used? Or that your parents used with you?

Following through with punishments! -Kathy

To some degree I'll agree w/ Kathy and additionally; admitting to your child when you goofed and asking for forgiveness. -Bruce

errr....I guess I should have said discipline instead of punishments....punishments sounds kinda harsh....but tomato/tomatoe. lol :) But also following through with promises and rewards! :)

The "rod" ;) Truthfully, open communication and leading by example has been the mainstay for us. Kids will outgrow our "authority", but the influence we have on their lives can last a lifetime if we live worthy of their honor and respect. PRAYER is the foundation, and loving Jesus and living openhandedly with each other is key.

When my parents failed me, it mattered that I knew they loved me. So, expressing love is very important. -Kim

When they are little: obedience, as they grow older: obedience + dialogue...I'm assuming as they grow through HS, there will be lots and lots more dialogue! -Chris

Don’t coddle and tell your kids every time they do something that it’s great, be truthful about it. If they stink at something let em know. U won’t be doing them any favors by always tellin them how great they are if they’re not.

Eat broccoli. Go on long ride. Lock windows. Problem solved.

Working on having an honest and truthful relationship. Sometimes that gains the most respect, and if you are honest with your kids- they will learn that it is ok to be honest with you. Then the trust issue simply follows......

Wait till your father gets home?

LOL to "wait till your father gets home"!! I must of heard that one a zillion times growing up.....it must have worked, cuz I turned out ok: P -Kathy

Sounds like a good title for a sermon too . . . -Nancy

I'm not a parent, but I work with kids and teens so I see the goods and bads of parenting. The best that I can come up with is to be the parent. Parents are the one that make the rules, not the kids. Parents are the ones that are there to train and guide their children. Don't think that teachers and church volunteers/workers are the ones in charge of that, they are just there to reiterate the teachings from home. I hope that makes sense! Also open communication is huge tool! "I don't know," "I don't care," & "Because I said so" are not answers to all of life's issues.

"Praying with & for them & allowing them to hear that. Moms In Touch was very instrumental in our lives in their growing up years. Holding to your godly standards, not Hollywood's (i.e., movie ratings), how they dress & talk.....No compromise!"

Love em even when you don't want to, that's why love is such a precious gift -Alex

Both parents working as a team to raise up their children. It doesn't work very well when one is the parent and one is the buddy! -Ina Jean

What about you? What do you think is effective parenting?

What has God said in His Word to help us with this area of our lives?

Have a great week,
Pastor David

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