Monday, May 17, 2010

The Wrath and The Mercy

The Wrath of God is awesome and complete. Some do not like to deal with this aspect of God because it seems ugly and cruel. We don't mind the big flood because we didn’t know any of those people. In our ideal world everybody makes God’s mercy list except for people like Hitler, bin Laden and maybe people like Hugh Hefner or Paris Hilton. But there a key themes that go through the whole bible and God’s wrath is one of them. It is important for us to understand His wrath so that we can understand His sovereignty, his disdain for sin and His mercy and love.

My work in the yard (aka- David's wrath and mercy in his quarter acre kingdom!):

Things I hate and deserve my wrath: Poison Ivy, crab grass, dandelions, plants that have out-grown usefulness, black spots/aphids/grubs, hornets, wasp, bees, mosquitoes, snakes that bite, skunks, ground hogs, coyotes, bunnies (it’s ok… I am talking evil bunnies not cute fluffy bunnies!), deer, neighborhood dogs that tear up my flower beds.

Things I love and get my mercy: the smell of fresh dirt and fresh cut grass, rose plants in bloom, seeds popping up and the bounty that comes from them, the golf course look, humming, red, blue, song (birds), Chainsaws, relaxing in a comfortable chair with a cold drink after a hard day of wrath and mercy!

The Wrath and Mercy of God in His Kingdom:

Things God Hates and deserve His Wrath: Sin and all its by-products.

Things God Loves and get His Mercy: His Creation, the World, you, preserving you, protecting you, making a place for you in eternity after a short time of wrath and mercy.

For more good reading on the wrath and mercy of God see the book of Revelation. To hear the message this blog is based on go to "Why does it end this way? Seals and Trumpets of the Book of Revelation"

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