Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Snakes in the Grass

I am presently in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Ahhhh... I love the Smoky Mountains. It is absolutely beautiful. The kids and I went on a hike this morning and went up to a high mountain lake and made our way around it. The lake trail is right off of "Rattlesnake trail" which takes one to "Rattlesnake" Summit and "Copperhead" Summit. Yes, we had to watch for snakes on the trail as they warm themselves in the sun. In fact, we were out about an hour and sure enough there was a big black snake on the trail. The trail lives up to its name. So the conversation with my kids started off with ... "don't pick up any long sticks... they may slither away!" and ended with "Isn't there a "Bunny Rabbit" trail around here?"
In Matthew 24 Jesus warned His disciples and us to watch out for those who are false prophets and deceivers in life. In fact, he said that times will get so difficult many Christians will be tricked into thinking that these liars are speaking the truth!
As you are walking this journey.... which is sometimes a difficult and strenuous walk... watch out for the snakes. Not every stick that is in the path should be picked up! It may eventually slither away!
How do you spot a snake on your hike?
  1. Know the Word of God better each and every day. Seek Transformation not just Information.
  2. Allow yourself to be accountable to others who are hiking the same path. I walked part of the Appalachian Trail with a friends when suddenly I stepped right beside a rattlesnake. After passing the snake I turned to warn my buddy who was fast approaching. This could of been a bad situation if he had not headed my accountability in order to keep him safe.
  3. Be a person of prayerful obedience. Pray on all things and be open to the Holy Spirits moving in your life. When you live a Holy Spirit conscious life you are aware of the snakes that would like nothing more than to interrupt your journey.

Happy Hiking!
Pastor David

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