Monday, July 13, 2009

Who Would Jesus Vote For?

Was Jesus a Democrat or a Republican? Let me just let that one sit with you for a second.....

The absurdity of the question makes some laugh and some shake in anger. Obviously Jesus was part of neither political party... in fact, he did not do well at bowing to any party but One... and that was the party line of His Father in Heaven. In Luke 20 the religious leaders of the day were trying to take Jesus out and get Him to stumble over His words. So they sent spies to get Jesus to incriminate Himself with some misspoken words about the Roman Empire (the whole freedom of speech thing under Roman occupation in Israel wasn't exactly as we understand it here in the USA).
Jesus replied to the spies questions with "Render to Caesar what is Caesars... Render to God what is God's"
In these words people were amazed and decided not to mess with Jesus (for the time). In this statement Jesus made clear His party affiliation, His voting record, His agenda... to do the will of His Father in Heaven!
Caesar, Bush, Obama, Reagan, JFK, Lincoln...are a list of the created, the temporary, the short-sighted and men of this world.
God... is the Creator of all things, eternal, Kingdom of Heaven minded and above and beyond this world.
I vote. I have political opinions. I have views on issues in our nation I am passionate about. I have a political party affiliation.
But... May you and I render to God what is God's so that when we render to Caesar what is Caesars we are believing, viewing and acting on things in such a way that it reflects our faithfulness to the eternal, the Biblical, the Creator of all things.
Are you...
Render to God what is God's.

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