Thursday, July 23, 2009

Three Lies... Three Truths: Part I

I just spent this last weekend with the Evangelical Friends Church Yearly Meeting Senior High Youth. I spoke on the topic of Apologetics (defending your faith). The next 3 posts are the content of the last talk before they left the event for home.

There are 3 lies we will face in life but each has a Truth that we can hold onto.

Lie #1: All Religions are the same.

Truth: It is impossible for all religions to lead to God. The Law of Non-Contradiction clearly shows that different religious doctrine negate one another and invalidate themselves if they embrace this idea of Pluralism (That is of course all but Pluralism itself which is, in reality, belief in nothing in particular). There can only be one Ultimate Truth.

Action point: If the God of the Bible is the one true God and Jesus is the only way to Him, then worship God passionately and with abandon. Anything less than this, is living as if we are not convinced of this Truth.

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