Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I have a friend who is fascinating to watch with a group of strangers or meeting someone for the first time. For instance, he would stop by a small town diner, having never been there before, and walk out two hours later having made some of the best friends in the world. He would say, "If I can just get people to tell and listen to stories about life, I have met a new friend for life!" A good story can make a huge impression. Particularly if that story is true. There is something that draws us in. We can relate. We connect it with the details of our life.

What do we do when that story is the greatest story ever told? The true account of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ is THE STORY of all stories. We can relate to details and see ourselves in the ultimate purpose of this narrative. Then, we can see that we are loved, and before long, we are walking in a brand new, unexpected relationship with someone who was once a stranger to us and now is the most important person we have ever met: Jesus. Not only can we see ourselves transformed by THE STORY, but we can further relate to those who followed Him and were transformed by Him immediately following His ascension into heaven.

The story of these people can be found in the book of Acts. Those early followers had incredible adventures that will encourage us, inspire us, and cause us to be challenged in our spiritual journey, whether we are newly exploring the claims of Christ or whether we have been journeying with Him for some time.

With this being said, I would challenge you to join with me in looking at the incredible story of the first followers of Jesus Christ. This story is found in the Bible in the book of Acts. Starting on Easter Sunday through Father's Day in June, we will explore the first part of the book of Acts (chapters 1-10) and discover what this narrative has to say to us, how we can relate, and observe how God moved then and how He is still moving today. I will be preaching through this story and invite you to read through it on your own, as well. So, join me in the "diner" as we swap stories and walk out of this gathering place transformed people with new found friendship.

In His Grip,
Pastor David

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