Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas: Better Than We Deserve

In December of 1892, a world-wide tradition was born. The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky was first performed. Although it took many years for this orchestration and ballet to “take off”, today there is hardly a ballet company in the world that does not perform this classic during the Christmas season. One of the most beloved aspects of the performance are the children who dance and play instruments. It has been said that, at the inaugural production, the children did not learn their instruments well and did poorly. In spite of this, in an act of great kindness and grace, Tchaikovsky wrote a generous thank you note to each of the children expressing how pleased he was with them. To the children’s delight, each note was accompanied with a box of sweets! This story reminds me of what popular financial guru Dave Ramsey always says when asked how he is doing. He replies, “Better than I deserve!”

Just as these children received “better than they deserve”, we also have been delivered a grace-filled letter, the Bible, and the precious gift of God’s only Son, Jesus Christ. This Christmas season, we celebrate the fact that we are treated “better than we deserve”. The Bible even states that our works are but filthy rags (Phil. 3:8) and what He offers is worth more than gold (I Peter 1:18-19)! Our response? Surrender completely to Jesus Christ, celebrate fully “The Gift”, and be grace-filled toward others, treating them “better than they deserve”.

This is the ultimate Christmas tradition.

Merry Christmas and much love!

Pastor David

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