Monday, March 24, 2014

More Than Entertainment

Dear Friends, 

Be entertained, but, when possible, use good entertainment to share Jesus. This was the encouragement I gave this past week in light of so many movies being out right now with rich opportunities for spiritual conversations with those who have not yet chosen to follow Jesus. Noah: the Movie, Son of God, and God's Not Dead, are just a few. Noah, the movie, comes out this weekend. As promised, here are 3 really good articles on processing this new movie from a Christian perspective. I hope this is helpful as you decide whether to go see it or not. If you do go see it, my prayer is that, yes, you are entertained (no sin in that!), that you grow in your faith, and that you find the opportunity to use it as a tool to have spiritual conversations with a friend, relative, or neighbor. Ultimately, I pray with you that this leads to them confessing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Finally, look for a special movie review from our own Kirk Fernwood next week! See his regular movie blog, One Film Fan, here.

Warning: Spoiler alert in the articles! :)

*Once again, find time to read Genesis 6-9; that is where we find the real story of Noah!

What do you think? Can movies like this be a witnessing tool? How have you seen this happen? Also, please share your stories below after you see the movie!

Pastor David

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