Friday, March 1, 2013

Kingdom and the Cross: God is...



How would you describe your spouse or closest friend? Do you say they are tall, short, skinny, or plump? Maybe you use words like mellow, firm, happy, or serious-minded? Even more, maybe you would only describe them with terms that have to do with what they do for YOU. If this is the case, you would use descriptors like, kind, mean, provider, annoying, etc.. How we describe someone or compliment them says a lot about how we view them and how we see ourselves in relation to that person. In addition, how we see someone impacts our actions towards them.

It is very similar with our relationship with God. God can be described for what He is, who He is, and/or what He does for us. Often times, we camp right in the, “What have You done for me lately?” place with God. As a result our praise, worship, and prayer times reflect this dominate view. We tell God of the qualities that we benefit from exclusively. This sounds like, “God, You are kind, grace-filled, provider, protector, etc.”. Yet, when we only focus on what we get from God in His character, we miss many of the attributes of God that are vital: His timelessness (eternal nature), ever-presence, and that He is all-powerful. Recognizing, knowing, and reflecting on all of the attributes of God will shape our behavior; not through the lens of the “me-first” view, rather through “God-first” view. Everything hinges on how you and I finish this statement. God is….

So…. How about it? Spend several moments writing down and reflecting upon the completion of this statement.

God is…

Are your descriptors dealing with His eternal qualities and His goodness?

Make this exercise a daily practice of worship.

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor David

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