Saturday, March 27, 2010

Time for a Fresh Start

I love Spring time! Especially when I have the opportunity to get out in the woods on a hike. The smells of the outdoors, the green of the growth coming up in all directions, the trillium popping up from the forest floor-- now that is a God given gift. When the seasons change it reminds me of how everything has its time. When Spring comes it reminds me that there is a time for newness and fresh starts. Not only has God created this natural world with a time to have renewal but He has created us to have times of renewal spiritually and personally. I am glad Easter happens in the Spring time. It represents the ultimate time of renewal. If it were not for the reason behind Easter we have no true renewal! No cross... no recovery. No Resurrection from the dead for Jesus... no hope of new life for us. Just like there is no Spring time without the Winter Time-- there is no Resurrection without the Cross --there is no renewal without repentance-- no change without ....change.
Personally, you and I must have a daily renewal. Corporately, we must place ourselves in a position where newness and freshness will occur. On April 4th our church family will be celebrating the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ in our new Worship Center. This transition is an effort at worshiping more freely, opening the doors more widely and proclaiming his victory over death more clearly. Ultimately, we seek renewal! Do not allow another Easter to pass without seeking the Risen Savior, Jesus Christ. As a church family we will not allow any Easter to pass where we have not made clear to those around us why we have this hope, this wholeness, this love, this fresh start. May God richly bless you as we walk this journey with Him together.

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